Our Services

We offer Consultation Services on the following topics:

Work with Tribal Nations or Communities

  • Incorporate research protocols that honor government-to-government relationships and support self-determination with tribal nations, communities, or organizations
  • Incorporate the principles of community-based participatory research (CBPR) into your business, institute or organization
  • Conduct research in partnership with tribal nations and communities
  • Apply for tribal IRB's or developing memorandum of understanding (MOU)


Identify Genomic Research Goals and Objectives

  • Using a values-based approach, we can help you identify the research objectives that align with tribal or community interests and are most important to your organization
  • Support the values of Indigenous Peoples in your research
  • Integrate and explain the importance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and Indigenous ways of knowing


Develop Data Sharing plans that incorporate Indigenous and non-Indigenous goals

  • Develop genomic data sharing plans
  • Develop health research data sharing plans


Give presentations about genomics research and practices

  • The Basics of Genomics for tribal community members
  • Making decisions about Genomics research
  • Regulating Genomics research in your community
  • Tribal enrollment and Genomics technology
  • Defining tribally relevant health and genomics research in partnerships
  • Advances in Genomics Technology


In order to provide consultation service free of charge to Indigenous communities, please contribute to our kick-starter campaign.